You've Got a Friend in Frank

Frank is an extension of everyone and everything.

Helping others helps everyone.

Let’s be Frank.

When you visit MarketStreet, you might see a new friend in our community—introducing FrankApe.

Introduced to the world by artist Brandon Sines of New York City, Frank Ape is a mystical creature that embodies positivity and equality. In the words of Brandon, “Frank has special powers that even he continues to discover as the many challenges of life test him. He believes in using imagination and play to “create your own universe” and inspiring other people and animals through thoughtful actions.”

Frank has visited the NYC World Trade Center through Sines’s hand-painted murals around the city, and recently collaborated with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to officially celebrate Guggenheim’s 60th Anniversary with two Frank Ape-themed pieces. His work is collected worldwide and can be found through Artist Series Tee Drop with Gap (at MarketStreet!) Learn more about Brandon, and how he instills community and creativity through his work.

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