Rainbows of Hope

Apr 30 / Activities

The rainbow is often referred to as a sign of hope; a sign to remind us all that we are in this together and that better days are ahead. We recently stumbled across beautiful window art that featured a rainbow pattern and were immediately inspired to create something similar for our own homes. Show your neighborhood some love and create a Rainbow of Hope in your window today!

Things You’ll Need:


  • Using your scissors, cut tissue paper into heart shapes.
  • Once all paper is cut into hearts, separate them into like-colored piles.
  • Form a double-sided tape circle (or take out your double-sided tape).
  • Starting with one color at a time, place your tape on the outer side of each paper heart and stick it to the inside of your window. We recommend following a rainbow pattern like the picture above.
  • Continue until all paper hearts are taped to the inside of your window!
  • Share your #RainbowsofHope with us on Instagram @marketstreetlynnfield. For more inspiration check out Pam Garrison’s Instagram.