Heroes Fitness

Become your own hero.

Heroes Fitness Lynnfield is a modern, sleek, and welcoming gym where motivation comes naturally with the support of our trainers and community. Owned and operated by Boston-based trainer Connor Griffin, Heroes’ holistic approach provides unique workouts so that you can focus on your mental well-being while becoming physically fit.

Ready to work hard, earn it, and have fun? Join our dynamic community for personal training & open gym opportunities, virtual classes, group classes, physical therapy, and so much more. 

More about Connor: Connor Griffin is a Boston-based trainer and owner of Heroes Fitness. Throughout his nine years of experience within the fitness industry, Connor has worked at various gyms throughout Massachusetts while working with brand names such as Under Armour, Reebok, Goli Gummy, and more. Connor has gained extensive experience within the rowing, HIIT, virtual, and personal training realms, and through Heroes Fitness, he strives to apply this expertise to local Massachusetts communities.

Connor opened his first Heroes Fitness in Wellesley, MA, during the heart of COVID. Individual results, group classes, and the community grew. Now, it’s time to bring Heroes to Lynnfield. Our goal is to execute short- and long-term goals while implementing our Heroes Fitness “sprinkle” staple, which will add an extra burn to those workouts See you soon, Lynnfield!

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