La Gallina

Get ready to cluck with excitement for La Gallina (The Hen), a vibrant Mediterranean eatery and bar nestled in the heart of MarketStreet! At La Gallina, we’re all about serving up a fresh twist on your favorite dishes from Spain to Greece (and beyond!) in a cozy and inviting setting.

Our menu is a delightful fusion of inventive small plates, featuring mouthwatering options like our homemade Greek spinach pie, our signature whipped feta, and oven-baked pizzas that are “hen-crafted” with a sourdough starter that’s been bubbling away for over 100 years. Wash it all down with our craft cocktails and wines sourced from the region, perfectly paired with soul-warming dishes like our famous chicken souvlaki served with aromatic rice and flat bread.

Whether you’re joining us for our Wednesday Spanish Guitar or settling in for a leisurely Sunday Jazz Brunch, La Gallina promises to be your new favorite happy place, where every bite is a flavor-packed adventure!

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